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Converting DASYLab’s DDF format to Excel format

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Converting DASYLab’s DDF format to Excel format

Question:  I have used DASYLab to collect data and have stored the data in the default DDF format. How can I convert this data file into text format so that it can be read by Microsoft Excel?

Answer: Here is the procedure to do this conversion:

  1. Set up a new DASYLab worksheet to consists of the following two modules:
    • Read Data module
    • Write Data module 
  2. Set up the Read Data module to reference the DDF data file [that you previously saved]. 
  3. Set up the Write Data module so that it creates a new file in ASCII format. 

    Note: The ASCII format selection is two lines above the DDF selection in the Write Data module Format pull-down menu. 
  4. Run the new worksheet and create the new ASCII file. 
  5. Open Excel.
  6. Complete a File>Open operation.
    (a) Set the “Files of Type” parameter to All Files
    (b) Browse for the ASCII file you just created. 
    (c) Use the Excel Text Import Wizard to set the delimiter parameter for your ASCII file (delimited using a semicolon) and 
    (d) select the row of the file where the data starts.

When you complete the Text Import Wizard operation, Excel will bring the ASCII data file into your worksheet. 

If desired you can save the worksheet as a spreadsheet or as a text file.

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