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Displacement to Velocity by differentiating with DASYLab

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Displacement to Velocity by differentiating with DASYLab

Question: I have a string pot connected to a stamping press slide and I want to know how to make DASYLab display slide velocity in inches/minute, rather than just a slide position. Can this be done using DASYLab?

Answer: Use the first time derivative of the displacement signal. DASYLab has a Differentiation/Integration module in the Mathematics group. Scaling the channels individually to get both displacement in inches and velocity in inches / minute. Input scaling should convert volts to inches for feeding both the differentiation module and display of displacement. You probably already have this if you're already monitoring position. Differentiation is based on the sample interval in seconds. Since you want minutes, this will need another scaling module (multiply by 60) on the output to get from inches/second to inches/minute.

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