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Storing Data with DASYLab after the Program has started

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Storing Data with DASYLab after the Program has started

Problem: I want to save the acquired data of my next measurement run in a different file.To do this, I have used a Global String for the filename, which I change during the measurement. But at the end of the measurement I see only one file with all of the data. Why does DASYLab over write the first file?

Solution: Before the measurement starts, DASYLab uses the initial content of the string for the filename in the Write Data module. The file is opened at the start of the experiment. If the content of the string changes during the measurement, DASYLab does not automatically close the old file and open a new file. The data continues to be stored in the file with the old name. If you want to save the data under the new name, you have to close the file and reopen it. Use the Action module to force this to happen. Monitor the Global String, and when it has changed, set the Action Module receiver as the Write Data module and select the Open and Close File action. DASYLab will close the current file, and reopen it. If the filename has changed (the Global String, in this case), the file will be opened using the new name.

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