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DASYLab Trigger Conditions

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DASYLab Trigger Conditions

Problem: What is the difference between the DASYLab "Signal Grows Above Level" and "Sample Greater Than Level " trigger conditions?

Solution: If you use the "Sample Greater Than Level" setting, the trigger reacts for every input value which is greater than the defined threshold. But if you use the "Signal Grows Above Level" condition, the trigger reacts only if the input signal rises above the defined threshold. The key differences between these two settings are the initial condition at start of experiment and re-triggering.
If the input value is higher than the threshold at the start of the experiment , then the trigger reacts only with the "Sample greater Than Level" condition, because the "Signal Grows Above Level" condition requires that the signal cross the threshold from a lower to a higher value. Similarly, the "Signal Grows Above Level" has a built in hysteresis, and will not re-trigger until it can satisfy the same "rises above" condition. This condition requires that the signal fall below the threshold before it will re-trigger. On the other hand, the "Sample Greater Than Level" condition remains satisfied if the sample is above the define threshold, and does not turn off until the value falls below the threshold

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