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Can DASYLab Implement Disk Streaming With a IOtech DAQ devices?...

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Can DASYLab Implement Disk Streaming With a IOtech DAQ devices?

Problem: On the Experiment Setup dialog I have selected the option for Disk Streaming, but when I open up the directory that my data is supposed to be streaming to, the file that should have been created doesn't seem to exist. Is my data really being streamed to disk when I select this option?

Solution: In DASYLab, Disk Streaming is intended to be used for high-speed acquisitions as a type of data buffer. With the IOtech driver, all of the necessary buffering for high-speed acquisitions is already taken care of, so the Disk Streaming feature is extraneous and not used when it is selected in conjunction with the IOtech driver. However, if you use a 3rd party device with a driver that does not have data buffering, the Disk Streaming feature can be very useful for high-speed acquisitions.

For more information on Disk Streaming, go to "Index" under DASYLab's help menu and search for "Disk Streaming."

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