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Pre-Trigger and Post-trigger Settings in the DASYLab Combi...

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Pre-Trigger and Post-trigger Settings in the DASYLab Combi Trigger Module

Problem: Using a combination of a Combi trigger and a Relay to reduce the number of data samples processed by DASYLab, is it possible to transmit a few data samples before the start condition is fulfilled and a few data samples after the stop condition is fulfilled ?

Solution: The Combi Trigger module has a section called Duration which can be set to samples or seconds. Use the Pre trigger and Post trigger settings to extend the scope of the Combi Trigger output without changing the Start and Stop conditions. To move the rising edge of the Combi Trigger output to preceed the Start Trigger event, use the Pre trigger setting and to move the falling edge to after the Stop Trigger event, use the Post trigger setting.

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