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Transfering the Time Information of Every DASYLab Data Block to...

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Transfering the Time Information of Every DASYLab Data Block to Excel

Problem: How do I set up DASYLab to transfer the time information of every block to EXCEL ?

Solution: Click on the Format button in the DDE Output module properties and enable the additional time channel. You can choose between time of day (PC clock) or the elapsed time since start of experiment (starts at 0). Please note that the time channel needs its own column, so that you have to define the target field definition in the item dialog correctly. For example, if you are sending 5 data channels to EXCEL, you need to define a target range of 6 cells for each set of data samples. The time information is transmitted as a numeric value. To display it correctly, format the EXCEL cell to display Date/Time format.

Attached is a sample DASYLab 12 worksheet along with the corresponding Excel file.

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