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Global Strings vs Global Variables

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Global Strings vs Global Variables

Problem: When should I use Global Variables and when should I use Global Strings when I create my DASYLab application?

Solution: Global Variables always consist of numbers. Global strings is a group of text characters which can contain numbers, upper and lowercase letters and special characters.
Use strings for information used or displayed by the worksheet. For example, you can display this information in a layout or in a module field where text is required. Uses include file names, channel names, as well as custom information, such as the Operator or Job name.
Use Global Variables for module parameters where numeric values are necessary. Uses include scaling parameters, constants, and even the Experiment Sampling Rate and Block Size. Additional uses include "snapshot" values such as the result of a running computation (minimum, maximum, average, etc.)
Use the Read Global Variable module to send a variable as a data channel. Use the Write Global Variable module to save a measurement value into a global variable.

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