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What is the Action Module (DASYLab/Full) ?

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What is the Action Module (DASYLab/Full) ?

Problem: How does DASYLab's Action module work ?

Solution: The Action module can send event messages to other modules or to DASYLab itself to influence the operation of the worksheet without having a wire directly connected. The Action module needs three settings: the event, the receiver and the action. The Event field allows you to monitor for a variety of conditions (WHEN);, the Receiver field specifies the module that is affected by this action (WHO); and the Action field specifies what should happen (WHAT). Each field provides a list of valid settings. The Event list is always the same. The Receiver only shows modules on the current worksheet that be controlled by an Action. The Action list then only shows valid actions for the specified receiver module; the content of the action list depends on the selected receiver module.

To use the Action Module, you should first set up the worksheet with all necessary modules. Note that the Action module refers to each Receiver by the module name. If you change the name, the Action is disabled.

Some Actions are Synchronous or Asynchronous. When specifying the Synchronous setting, it is like adding another data channel to the worksheet, and may affect the overall throughput of the data. Synchronous requires that the block timing of the Event matches the input block timing of the Receiver.
Action modules are limited by DASYLab's block processing. Actions can only be handled on a block by block basis. Events that occur mid-block are not effected until the start of the next block received by the Receiver module.

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