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Changing Filename on the fly - run time

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Changing Filename on the fly - run time

On the DASYLab File Write module property page, change the setting of the file name from "Fix" to "Combi". Delete the filename in the edit line. Right-mouse click to open the context menu and select the global string from the list. The Write Data module will now use the content of the global string for the filename. To easily define the text string use the "Type in at Start of Experiment" option in the Define Global Strings dialog. You can combine strings and variables with fixed text to create the filename. For example,  Filter-Test-${DAY}-${Hour}.DDF as a filename. Additionally, use a global string as a folder name in the file path. If you do this then set the "Create Missing Folders" option in the DASYLab menu item Options -> Global Setup. Otherwise DASYLab will generate an error message and stop acquisition if the directory does not exist.

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