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How do I get my ULx Physical Channel setting to 'Stick'?

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How do I get my ULx Physical Channel setting to 'Stick'?

When using a Measurement Computing ULx supported device with LabVIEW, there are times when you want to 'hard code' the channel selection(s) so that the program operator does not have to select the physical channels.

To make them stay put, follow these easy steps.

For our example, let us assume you are using a USB-2408, and to set the VI to use channels 0 and 1, and you don't want the program operator to do anything other than click on a run button.

The correct order for the process is:

1.      Close InstaCal (don’t have it open when LabVIEW is open…EVER)

2.      Add the Create Channel VI

3.     Change the type of input you want to AI Voltage (even if you have configured the channels in InstaCal to be temperature)

4.     Right click on the Physical Channels pin, Select Create >> Constant or Control

5.     From there you will see all of the  input channels of the USB-2408 or use the ‘Browse..’ selector to select more than one channel.

Create the rest of the VI the way you want it.

To make the selected channels appear the same way every time you open your VI, you will need to right click on the Physical, select Data Operations >>Make Current Value Default. Then save your VI.  Now everytime you open your VI, the selected value will appear.

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