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How do I use my National Instruments NI DAQmx device with DASYLab...

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How do I use my National Instruments NI DAQmx device with DASYLab V12




I can't see my data acquisition device in DASYLab

I recently installed DASYLab 12 and can't see my data acquisition board as one of the available drivers. Is there something special I need to do to get Dasylab to recognize the DAQ device?


DASYLab uses the NI DAQmx driver to communicate with NI hardware. 

You should install the appropriate NI-DAQmx drivers from National Instruments before you install DASYLab. Configure your hardware and measurement tasks using NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)

When you install DASYLab, the typical driver to select is the NI-DAQmx driver (without CAN).

This driver creates a new entry in the Module list, Input/Output, NI-DAQmx with input and output modules.

To use these modules, you must first create a Task in the NI MAX for each input and output subsystem. The task defines the measurement parameter - the device, the channels, the channel configuration, optional scaling, and the Measurement sample rate and block size (samples to read).

Once you have created and tested the task, you can create the corresponding NI-DAQmx input or output module in DASYLab. Each module can link to one task. 

The DASYLab Help for the NI-DAQmx driver includes getting started as well as valuable information for how to configure the modules.  

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