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Why does InstaCal give me error # 308 ?

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Why does InstaCal give me error # 308 ?

Error # 308, sometimes displayed as an error with no text description, historically meant that you do not have Administrative privileges and was typically seen when using InstaCal to add or change hardware configurations.   Beginning with InstaCal version 6.23, MCC corrected this so that Standard privileges are required.  However, if you install an older version (< 6.23) of InstaCal prior to installing a newer version (>= 6.23), the problem can persist.  Below is advice to remedy this:

Temporary workaround:   Momentarily log in as an Administrator, configure the hardware, and exit InstaCal.  Then your UL-based application can be executed without a requirement for Administrative privileges.   But note this is only valid up until the time that you next need to configure or add/change the hardware.

Permanent fix:   Properly uninstall InstaCal (or Universal Library & InstaCal together) even if it is a recent version.  Then delete the DAQ folder Where InstaCal is trying to write the CB.CFG file to:
     For WinXP, the DAQ folder to delete is in:  C:\Program Files\Measurement Computing\
     For Win7/8, the DAQ folder to delete is in:  C:\ProgramData\Measurement Computing\   
         (note ProgramData is a hidden folder, so you may need to select "show hidden folders" in Windows Explorer)
Lastly, install InstaCal version >= 6.23.

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