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What is the difference between BURSTIO and BURSTMODE

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What is the difference between BURSTIO and BURSTMODE

Despite having a similar name, these two are quite different (they are unrelated to each other). 

Only a handfull of MCC USB devices support BURSTIO, or better said, need to offer BURSTIO.  BURSTIO is only needed in the case where (a high) A/D sampling rate is faster than the device can transfer data over the USB bus. 

BURSTMODE is a setting which allows all A/D channels to be sampled as closely together as possible, even when the per-channel sample rate is low.  Without BURSTMODE, the time (delta) between all samples performed across channel is exactly the same.  i.e. the A/D converter is run at a consistant pace.   With BURSTMODE, all channels are sampled once each as closely together as possible (i.e. in a burst), and then the A/D pauses until the first channel needs to be sampled again.   This is sometimes called pseudo-simultaneous, since all channels are sample as closet together in time as the device can possibly achieve.

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