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How to change the digital IO termination of the USB-TC/TEMP from...

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How to change the digital IO termination of the USB-TC/TEMP from pull up to pull down

To change the pull ups to downs; you'll need to remove the 4 rubber feet from the bottom of the USB-TC to expose the screws.


Using a #1 Philips head screw driver, remove the 4 screws.  Using full grounding precautions, remove the case.


Holding the circuit board so that you are looking at the circuit side, and that the USB connector is on your left, just off center of the circuit board, you should see a green and white thick film resistor network with reference designation (RefDes) RN1.  To the left of this, you will see a surface mount 0 ohm shunt resistor with a RefDes of R108. You will notice there is an additional solder pad between the 0 ohm shunt and the lettering for R108.


To change the terminations from pull up to pull down, you must move R108 from its current location, across the 2 solder pads it is presently on, to the one just above the lettering R108 and the lower one that is currently under the 0 ohm shunt.  This will leave the top solder pad open.


When you complete the moving of this 0 ohm shunt, your digital IO will now be configured for pull downs.





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