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Question: Why can't I connect to my remote OPC server using DASYLab data socket module?

Answer: In order for your OPC server to function as a true server application and connect to DASYLab software, located on a remote client PC, the particular OPC server you are using must be  configured for remote network operation. Most of these servers utilize Windows DCOM functionality for this operation and this support needs to be configured on all computers before DASYLab and other clients will be able to see the OPC server across a network.

MCC does not supply technical support for configuring your particular OPC server. You will have to contact your OPC server company and request the setup procedure for client/server operations across a network.

Once this configuration is complete, DASYLab should automatically detect the OPC server on the remote PC by using the browse functionality located inside the DASYLab Data Socket Import module. There are no special settings or configuration required in DASYLabfor OPC connection.

Note: If the OPC server and the DASYLabsoftware are installed on the same exact computer then you should not have to perform the configuration stated above. DASYLabshould always be able to locate the OPC server on a local PC without any additional configuration.  

Applies to: DASYLab, Kepserver OPC

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