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LogBook Merge Utility

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LogBook Merge Utility

There is a stand-alone file merge utility program that gets installed with LogView. The application is located in the LogView program group of Windows. You can access the program group via the Windows Desktop START button.

The utility can be used to merge files from separate acquisitions.

The built in concatenation feature of LogView only works on data that is from the same acquisition so this utility was added to allow you to piece together data files from separate acquisition.

The first 10 files of a group of trigger block data files that you want to merge will have a single-digit trigger-block number at the end of the filename, i.e., 0-9.

If you have more than 10 trigger-blocks, then the subsequent trigger-block numbers will continue to count up from 10.

The utility will not properly understand the single-digit trigger-block numbers [in the first 10 file names] and will place them further down the list in the wrong order

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