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SwitchAndSense-8/8 Enumeration issue (Not recommended for new...

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SwitchAndSense-8/8 Enumeration issue (Not recommended for new designs; Consider USB-PDISO8)

Due to an enumeration issue that can occasionally happen with the SwitchAndSense-8/8 hardware, this legacy model should not be considered for new designs.  No field or factory update to it is possible.  Instead MCC offers a functionally equivalent model (USB-PDISO8).  The USB-PDISO8, while differing in packaging/footprint, has the same electrical I/O specs.  It also has the same UL for Windows function and parameter set, and thus will work seamlessly in most UL-based applications.

The SwitchAndSense-8/8 enumeration issue can occur after a PC reboot (it may not occur on all reboots).   It has been duplicated on Win7 through Win10, and on both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.   The version of InstaCal does not matter.   The symptom will be that any UL-based application program that tries to use the device, including our InstaCal utility (if the device is already listed in InstaCal), will hang.  A workaround is to kill the application (via the task manager), then re-start the application.   Alternatively, cycle the USB cable connection before launching your application for the first time.  These 2 workaround are believed to hold until the next PC reboot.  

If a programmer is using the newer UL device discovery feature (instead of InstaCal) to automate discovering MCC USB devices, immediately attempting to re-discover this device works OK most times.  Since occasionally a pop-up message is displayed that this device requires a reset, this is not considered a complete workaround (as manual intervention is still required). 

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